Wedding Services

“The On Cue girls ensure that the event is nothing short of Perfect, they let me relax, focus on my client and enjoy the culmination of months of hard work we put into a project”
Aditya Motwane - Director, Motwane Entertainment & Weddings

Weddings are emotional moments when families come together and celebrate new beginnings. Hardly a time to loose sleep over the family sangeet performance, or worry about how the flowers will be delivered to your island destination wedding. Several weddings also feature professional performances, celebrity appearances, and require VIP guest co-ordination. These are some of the duties that our team of professional wedding managers will take care of. From co-ordinating the wedding ceremony to meeting the Pundits’ requirements and ensuring that all goes as per the schedule of the auspicious mahurat, we take care of the details, handle your guests at the hotel and the venue so that you are free to enjoy the big day.

On Cue and Weddings are a match made in heaven!