Floor Management

“You are outstanding, you are dependable, you are a wonderful team and we couldn’t do without you”
Dr. Prannoy Roy - Co-Founder & Executive Co- Chairperson, NDTV Network Channel

At On Cue we have a division that offers superior floor management services for reality shows. Coming from a background of Live Events where there is no opportunity to do a re-take, our team is adept at thinking on their feet. This results in Made-for-TV events that are as close to real time as possible, giving television directors the best reactions from participants and audiences and resulting in minimal cuts, retakes or going over-time.

Our Head Floor Manager is a single point of liaison between the director and all artists, performers and crew working on the show. Her team takes over management of all aspects of the show from overlooking continuity of the shoot to the anchors & script to audience briefing & pepping, to judges coordination during the shoot and contestant management.

Lights, Camera, Action… On Cue!