Stage Management

“Right on time with military precision”
Mohomed Morani - Director, Cineyug International Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Stage Management is the soul of an event. You can have the best of talent and creative planned for your event, but without a good team to execute your ideas, it will not hold together. We handle the co-ordination between various creative teams, artists, performers, presenters, choreographers, technical and telecast crews.

We deliver the correct winning envelopes, ensure that the performer magically appears to a music cue on a hydraulic lift, and orchestrate the flow of presenters from grand entryways. We meticulously plan, rehearse, communicate, check and double check each aspect of the event to make sure it runs smoothly whilst having a myriad of contingency plans and back up measures in place for the unexpected.

In short, we worry so that you won't have to.

Technical Direction & Show Run

“Great shows are made good. They only become great when it is called right and tight. Many callers can call it right but not tight. Others can call it tight but not right. Your team, has made a great show out of Insolito by calling it right and tight”
Vernon Teo - Managing Director, Creative Producers Group Productions

We are proud to say that our team of Show Directors and Show Callers are probably the only qualified show callers in the country, who have worked on a wide variety of event formats across the globe.

Our show callers are your one-point-contact, and the entire event rests on their shoulders. On receiving a creative brief they will ensure that everything goes as per the plan. During the event, they are the captains of the ship that guide and lead teams of not only stage managers but the entire crew of technicians - including lights, sound, graphics, video, telecast crews, artist managers and everyone else involved with the show.

With years of experience our Technical Directors are in a perfect position to anticipate problems and execute last minute requests, which have multiple ramifications on timelines and the show flow.

We tell people where they need to be and when.


“On Cue is omnipresent - Whichever event I'm at… they are there!
With On Cue, I know that I can focus on my performance and read the text blindly without worrying if the script is relevant and in the right order”

Manish Paul - Actor, Anchor & Host

One of the main concerns of anyone speaking on stage is to get the words right. We work hard to ensure that the anchor has a script that is in order, right and relevant. This frees them up to focus on their performance without worrying about the content or the backend details. The Anchor Team starts work very early in the planning of the show. Once the first draft of the script is ready, the team takes charge and incorporates changes provided by the events team, the channel, the sponsors & the anchors themselves. On the day of the event, we ensure that the teleprompter is correctly loaded, the cue cards are ready and all changes in the run order are communicated to the anchors, enabling them to deliver their best on stage.

Confidence and trust backstage is the anchor to a great performance.

Entertainment Performances

“I cannot think of doing any of my major shows without On Cue.
They are simply The BEST”

Shiamak Davar - Entertainment Icon

Creative Directors and Choreographers are always pushing boundaries in order to thrill and amaze audiences. Visions of super stars on zip-lines flying over the crowd or acrobats suspended from cranes are great in theory, but only a skilled team can pull off these effects safely and on time with music and pyrotechnic cues. From harnessing artists, reassuring & cueing them, to cueing hydraulic lifts, timing flying backdrops and revolving sets, mid-show band changeovers, down to even cueing industrial cranes with giant suspended props… Our entertainment team has done it all!

It takes skill, precision and experience to create Magical Moments!

Award Presenters

“On Cue has been a constant from the early days of my career till today. The warmth and smiles that we share even in the chaos that happens backstage is an indication of their professionalism and the trust that they instill”
Dia Mirza Sangha - Actor & Producer

Behind the glitz and glamour, the basic function of an awards show, is the presentation of the awards. With this in mind, we have a dedicated Awards Team that completely takes charge of the trophies and presenters backstage. We organise the result envelopes and ensure that the correct envelope & trophy are sent on stage at the right time. Our vast experience makes us the one constant across various award shows in the country. Celebrity guests, Stars and A-Listers feel instantly at ease when they enter the Presenters' Lounge and see a trusted, familiar face waiting to brief them. This rapport built over the years, means that Stars are more open to taking stage direction from us. Our warmth and familiarity helps them feel relaxed, comfortable and secure before they head up on stage to deliver the result.

The backstage experience determines the onstage performance.

Artist Co-ordination

“I would be nothing on LIVE stage, without On Cue!”
Ranveer Singh - Actor

Most events have a galaxy of stars and a universe of dancers, musicians and artists performing on stage. Handling the movement of over a 100 performers backstage is no mean feat! The assignment of green rooms, co-ordination between performers and ensuring that they're in correct costumes and waiting in the wings just in time for their performance, are the key responsibilities of our Artist Coordination Team. This team is the wheels that keep the show on track. Artists might not know them by name, but these warm faces are the ones that artists and their crew come to know and rely on for help in big issues as well as simple matters like access to food, or a safety pin or crew badges. This is the team that keeps them smiling, walks them to the wings and makes them feel good before they take the stage.

We make sure there's a place for everyone, and that everyone's in their place.