Welcome to On Cue

“On Cue is not just a band of girls… it’s a Band of Brilliance!”
Karan Johar – Filmmaker

From Femina Miss India, to the Filmfare Awards, the BMW X3 Launch, Mr. Bachchan’s 70th birthday to destination weddings and corporate events across the globe. Chances are you’ve already seen On Cue at work.

On Cue Productions is India’s leading Stage and Floor Management Company. With over 2 decades of experience, our all-woman team has seamlessly handled Award Shows, Pageants, Bollywood Events, Fashion Shows, World Tours, Stadium Events, MICE, Corporate Events and Weddings.

We’ve worked with venues, technical crews and vendors in events across 25 national and 45 international cities, spanning 6 continents. Antartica is the only one left to conquer!

Yes, but what do we do?
We ensure that the show goes off smoothly and professionally. That the dancers, artists, floating LED walls and giant props all function exactly how they’re supposed to, without missing a beat. We’re the linchpins that hold the show together.

We are the familiar faces in the wings—the single point of contact for anyone facing a crisis back stage. The celebrity guest wants his/her speech put on the teleprompter at the last minute? Ask the On Cue girls. The bride’s mother is not ready yet and we need to stall the event without anyone noticing… On Cue will handle it. Two rival stars are refusing to present an award together? We’re on the job.

Our team of deeply dedicated professionals is known for their attention to detail, meticulous planning, teamwork and warmth. We form the perfect accompaniment to event managers, creative directors and producers who rely on us to ensure that their creative vision is executed perfectly.

On Cue is always On Time, On Schedule and On the Job!